In 2019, HMS Livgidromash continued modernization of its machining production shop and placed in operation a CNC1 lathe machining center PUMA V8300MR developed by DOOSAN (South Korea).

The vertical turning center is intended for heavy duty and high precision cutting over long-term operations, including cutting of large diameter workpieces and complete milling, drilling and tapping operations in a single setup. The facility uses the center for processing of pump bodies, seal cases, impellers and bearing caps. Since the center was placed in operation, the labour intensity of details processing decreased by 16.2%, and the machining quality of pump parts significantly improved.

Also, the facility placed in operation a CNC lathe machining center PUMA 2600B developed by DOOSAN as well. This high-performance and multifunctional turning center is intended for fine turning, milling, drilling and screwcutting of stainless, tempered and heavy-duty materials.

Since placed in service, the labour intensity was down by 9.2%.

In 2019, the facility purchased a 4-plate roll bending machine HRB-4 2035 developed by DURMA. After it is placed in service, HMS Livgidromash will be able to produce circular rings, conical billets and other radius parts from sheet materials 20-60 mm thick and up to 2,050 width. Commissioning of this roll bending machine will allow production of circular rings for further manufacturing of heavy bodies for pumps used in petrochemicals, nuclear power generation, etc. The facility plans to start its industrial use in 1H 2020.

In 2019, Livnynasos was equipped with two new CNC horizontal lathe machining centers PUMA 2600Y by DOOSAN, that allowed to reach the new level of precise and high-quality surface machining. These centers are utilized for complex mechanical machining of pump parts with simultaneous milling, drilling and tapping, that significantly decreased labour intensity and excluded additional movement of parts between drilling and milling machines.

Also, the next step in sophistication of the facility’s production process was the implementation of a CNC vertical turning machine EMAG VL-2 (Germany) intended for machining of space sleeves of ECV 8 pumps. The utilization of the center improved preciseness and quality of parts, i.e. reliability of pump parts’ friction.

In 2019, the Ukrainian facility of HMS Group, NEM, placed in operation a multifunctional CNC machining center SKODA HCW 1. The center provides with high precise complex machining of bodies and caps, pump cradles, and other pump parts and pieces.

Colouring and Dyeing of metals

NEM installed a spay booth with inside dimensions 6990х4500х3000mm. The booth is equipment with an intake-outtake air filtering system as well as coloring & dying temperature monitoring system. Due to the full insulation of coloring and dying from other kinds of work, the facility reached the high quality of anti-corrosion coating.



Kazankompressormash continued an investment project on the foundry re-equipment to create the modern foundry complex on its base. The modernization will expand the range of sizes and materials and enhance quality and accuracy of production the castings of a wide range of alloys, including the steel ones of a large size. The smelting complex comprises three furnaces made by EFAS (Turkey) with 8, 6, and 3 tons capacity, which are automatically operated and have an option of gas purging through a molten metal. The new shot-blasting machine made by Tachtech (Czech) with an overhead conveyor for the large castings shorten finishing operations time by three times.

A complex of four heat-treating furnaces with a total capacity up to 90 tons was put into pilot operation also. The heat-treating complex allows heat treatment of castings, forgings, assemblies and other large-sized parts with an in-process temperature range from 550 to 1200°C.

The foundry complex is intended, primarily, for production of large-size castings and is capable of simultaneous smelting up to 17 tons of liquid metal to produce high-quality steel castings with weight up to 9 tons and cast iron castings with a weight up to 13 tons.

The facility expect to complete the third stage of the upgrade by the end of 2020, that comprises foundation of the molding area for large-sized castings and a pattern shop equipped with three- and five-axis machining centers.

[1] CNC – computer numerical control

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