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About HMS

# 1 producer of pumps and oil gas equipment as well one of the leading compressor producers in Russia and the CIS.

Business platform and core expertise are established and provide a strong base for future growth.

Key industries: oil & gas, nuclear and thermal power generation, petrochemistry and waste water industry.

-2% yoy
Revenue <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>

Revenue RUB mn

-27% yoy
EBITDA <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>


+25% yoy
Total debt <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>

Total debt RUB mn

+9% yoy
Net debt <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>

Net debt RUB mn

+5% yoy
Backlog <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>

Backlog RUB mn

-7% yoy
Order intake <span class='dim'>RUB mn</span>

Order intake RUB mn

who we are

HMS Group is one of the largest privately-owned machine-building companies in Russia and the CIS. The company’s profile is production of industrial machinery based around pumps, compressors and oil and gas equipment, including state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated solutions.

The company was established as a small trading company in 1993. HMS Group is the only machine-building company from Russia listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company produces both serial and/or standard models (recurring business) and customized configurations (large integrated projects).

A well-diversified client base includes “blue-chip” clients, i.e. the largest oil & gas companies in Russia and the CIS.


well-diversified client base

HMS is a dynamic engineering company with successful practice in the design, installation, construction and commissioning of complex oil and gas production and water facilities.

The parent holding company is HMS HYDRAULIC MACHINES & SYSTEMS GROUP PLC. It issued securities in the form of Global Depositary Receipts at the London Stock Exchange in February 2011.


employees in 2019


manufacturing facilities in Russia, CIS countries and Germany


Research & Development centres, including one of the largest pump-testing facilities in Europe
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what we do

HMS Group, Russian and CIS pump market leader offers convenient products solutions and services for clients from oil & gas, energy, water supply and utilities, chemical processing, industrial applications, etc.

Our manufacturing, R&D, EPC and servicing capacities allow developing and delivering customer-oriented reliable and affordable products and services.

industrial pumps

This is the oldest business segment, responsible for the project and design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of a diverse range of pumps and pump-based integrated solutions to customers in the oil and gas, power generation and water utilities sectors in Russia, the CIS countries and across the globe. It also provides aftermarket maintenance, repair services and other support for its products.

oil & gas equipment and projects

The oil & gas equipment business segment manufactures, installs and commissions modular pumping stations, automated metering equipment, and oil, gas and water processing and preparation units, as well as other equipment and systems, that are primarily used for the extraction and transportation of oil.


The division is responsible for project and design, engineering, manufacture, and supply of a diverse range of compressors and compressor-based solutions to customers in the oil and gas, metals and mining and other core industries in Russia.


The fourth operating segment consists of only one facility, Tomskgazstroy. It focuses on the main and infield pipelines and oil and gas-condensate fields, facilities construction and overhaul.

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